Child of a King!

No matter how old or grown we may become, girls, especially those close to their fathers will always be ‘Daddy’s little girl’ and while that may be so sweet, it can also lead to the hardest and most devastating heartbreak a girl can ever face.

Did I ever think that I’d be ousted by my own father? No, never. To be honest in my mind I was his little princess as grown as I am, his to always cherish, love and protect.

But life sometimes takes you  by surprise and the people you least expect to hurt you are the ones who inflict the most damage. Honestly writing this I do not know what the future holds for us, but in an effort to find myself, the real me who I am sure is buried underneath the label of being perfect for everyone else around me, I know this one thing, if I can survive the greatest of all heartbreak, I can survive anything.

After all I am a princess, the child of  a King and even though physical man may fail, hurt or even write you off, God never will. So keep your heads up, rely on and take comfort in that you God always has your back.


Nature Island Girl


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