What is your priority?

I must apologise for being gone for so long. New year, new school and so much more.

However I learned something today while standing outside one of the classrooms having a group conversation with a few of my classmates and one guy who is a semester ahead of us. It was he who mentioned time management and it got me thinking.

I have been so stressed out wishing there were more hours in a day to do all what I have to do. But it all boils down to time management.

prioritiseWe should also be careful to not place more than we can consume on our plates. Prioritise, go through the things we do daily and see which are must do and those we can discard of.

I know myself, I am one who is always willing and ready to do things when I am asked. Lately I have realised that the added stress leads to the body breaking down at the worst of times.

So today I made the choice to prioritise and do what I can do without burning myself out.

Time management he said, you can study one subject for five hours a day it all starts with discipline. If you wake up at 6, tell yourself that you will study for an hour. Then study for two hours in the afternoon and another two in the night. That gives you time management.

prayHe turned to me and asked, “Are you a christian?” I answered yes. He said great then pray HARD!

Then he gave us some more advise, “You are not a medical student if you don’t have a smartphone and a tablet.”

All I could do was laugh, but it is true, easier to carry your notes and study on the go wherever you are.

So I do hope you got a little something from what I was lead to share after a short break from here. There’s much more to come as I adjust to my new environment.

Always remember to be encouraged!


Nature Island Girl


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